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Buying a House First Before Getting Married

Underpinning company, takes note of a new study that says 23% of unwed Australian couples buy a house before getting married.Financial comparison site Mozo reported that buying a house is a more pressing concern for committed couples, since the median price of an Aussie home has been rising since 2021. Currently, it has already risen to AUD 126,000.

The study also revealed that inasmuch as buying a new home is a costly investment, some are even willing to cut down their wedding budget. They have awareness that improvements have yet to be made. This is especially true in Australia where it’s common for a house to have foundation problems.

Investing on Equity First

The Mozo report said that 34% of the yet-to-be-married couples who will invest in a home first, are willing to spend less on wedding ceremonies by avoiding extravagance.

Actually, doing so is a stronge manifestation of their commitment to stay together. After all, investing on a property is a financially sound step to building a future as a married couple. Rather than pay monthly rent on a house, money invested on a home ahead of all wedding plans, builds equity or asset ownership. Doing so can help work toward a more secure and stable relationship.

Still, investing in a property doesn’t end with paying for the real estate. Couples will be making discoveries about certain issues affecting roofing, flooring and heating systems. Some may call for minor improvements, while others may require costly repairs.

Discoveries could include issues affecting the stability of the foundation that connects the house to the soil These are issues that require the application of underpinning methods to address possible erosion or ground-sinking problems.

How Much Does Foundation Underpinning Costs?

When planning to invest additionally on a first house, the best way to go about it is to conduct your own research first. That way, when consulting with a structural engineer or ground specialist, you will at least have better comprehension of the matters being discussed.

Prospective first home buyers should bear in mind that buildings or houses are never the same. That is why there are various underpinning methods used in strengthening house foundations.

The Structural Engineer will discuss each method but recommendations on the best underpinning method to use comes only after thorough inspection and assessment of your problem has been performed. It’s also the point at which the cost of underpinning will be discussed. Armed with your own knowledge about underpinning processes and why it’s necessary, you can ask questions that can help you discern if the recommendation is the most cost-effective solution.