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Are You Stress For Your Big Day? Here Are A Few Reminders

Going through A Tricky Time Arranging? So Here are A Few Reminders For Your Wedding Preparation

  • Sit on the other side to talk about your upcoming big event and make sure that you are on the exact page.
  • Placed budget
  • List down your guest. Estimated number of family and friends – this will affect the location you choose.
  • Choose a wedding appointment date check to avoid conflicts with important guests
  • Study potential wedding locations and venues separately (if there is no place to start)

Where do you prefer? Church or in City Hall? Therefore, you can instantaneously begin notifying about your upcoming marriage or authorized partnership.

What To Do Before Your Big Day

Choosing Your Witness There must be at least two and at most four witnesses when registering for marriage or partnership. Anyone over the age of 18 can become a witness.

Formal registration 

How do you formally register your relationship? Through marriage and registration partnerships? Legal marriage and partnership are similarity. If you want to marry or establish a partnership within a limited property system community, you don’t need to do anything. If your marriage or registered partnership is bound by a prenuptial arrangement, you will be needing to make an agreement with the civil code notary.


If you want a registrar to speak at your ceremony, you should consult your registrar. You can choose your preferred registrar. Whenever it is assigned to you, we will do our best to meet your preferences. The municipality will notify you that you have been designated as a registrar four weeks in advance of your marriage or registration partnership. If you do not want the registrar to speak in your consciousness, no prior consultation is required.

Reminder: If the venue is outside the City Hall, you will be required to hire a car or you can approach Over Taxi Breda Europa for a cheaper pay.