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    Tips for Picking Your Wedding Car

    Choosing your wedding automobile is a crucial decision in the planning stage, but there are so many options and things to take into account that it may be completely overwhelming. After speaking with some industry professionals, we’ve compiled a list of the top suggestions for selecting your wedding car and what to look for before making that crucial reservation.

    1. Examine the vehicles before booking

    We advise examining the automobile you intend to use before making a reservation in order to avoid frustration or getting the car towed by towing santa clara. On the morning of your wedding, you’ll know exactly what to expect, and you’ll be better prepared to choose the type of wedding automobile you want.

    2. Take into account your bridal gown

    Whether you and your dress will fit inside a wedding automobile is something that is sometimes forgotten when making a reservation. As you prepare for your final dress fitting, Cathedral Cars advises practicing sitting down. Make sure you and your dress are in for a comfortable ride to your location since they frequently find that the first time a woman attempts sitting down in her dress is when she’s getting into the car ready to drive to their event, and it can be very uncomfortable and hard to breathe.

    3. Give yourself plenty of time.

    It’s critical that you reserve a vehicle in advance if you have your heart set on it. Make sure you reserve your wedding transportation early to avoid disappointment because popular wedding weekends, especially in the summer, fill up quickly.

    4. Remember the other members of the bridal party.

    It’s simple to overlook others in the thrill of making your wedding vehicle reservations! Remember that in addition to the groom and his party, your mother and bridesmaids will also need to arrive at the site; if you want to guarantee that everyone does so in luxury, make sure to calculate the number of automobiles you’ll need.

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    Who Says That You Can’t Print Your Own Wedding Invitations?

    Wedding Invitation

    In today’s day and age, more and more people are choosing to print their own wedding invitations. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is that it is a great way to save money on what can be a costly process. Printing your own invitations is a cheap alternative to buying them at a store, and they give you the freedom to decide how much you spend on other aspects of the wedding.

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    There are three main places where most people go to print their own invitations

    1. You can buy an invitation template that you like and put your text on it; this usually will be cheaper than printing them yourself. Companies such as VistaPrint offer pre-made templates that come in many different styles for pennies.
    2. You can go to your local print shop and ask that they print them for you. This option is usually the most expensive, but they tend to offer a wide variety of options on paper quality, paper color, and size. Most people choose to design their own invitations themselves this way.
    3. There are many websites that offer free templates and instructions on how to create your own invites; these instructions will help you save money by giving you more control over what it is that you are spending your money on in the first place. There are some websites that offer pre-made templates and if you like what you see on the site, you can buy those as well. Some of these sites charge per invitation with a minimum purchase of 25 invitations.

    How to print your own wedding invitation design from scratch

    You want your invitation to be different, so you decide to start from scratch and design your own from scratch.

    Step 1: The first step is to figure out what type of invite style you want your wedding to have—something formal, something casual, etcetera. From there, you want to decide on your colors and what type of paper you want to use. There are a variety of different options for paper types, colors, and sizes. Some people will choose white or ivory paper with gold or silver ink; others might decide on red card stock with black ink (this would be rustic).

    Step 2: Doing a quick Google search for “wedding invitations,” you find many sites that offer free templates and helpful tips on how to design your own. For example, this site has free wedding invitation templates in different styles and colors that you can use as a starting point.

    Step 3: You decide on using Crane’s Fine Stationery, which offers a variety of different paper options and printing methods. They also offer an easy way to order your invitations online, which is helpful because you want to get a head start and make sure you’ll have enough time for the process!

    Step 4: Once your design is finalized, you might want to purchase a few extras such as reception cards, RSVP cards, and thank you cards. You can order these from the same company or another online resource.

    Step 5: With all the pieces in place, it’s now time to send out the invitations! You can order them online or through a quality printing company. But you can also download and print the invitations on your HP inkjet printer. If you are in Dubai, you can solicit the help of HP printer service center Dubai.

    Conclusion: Who Says That You Can’t Print Your Own Wedding Invitations?

    Yes, you can. With today’s technology, almost anything is possible in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to be a graphic design expert or a professional wedding design specialist to come up with a unique wedding invitation that’s truly your own.

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    Childhood Friends Kaley and James Get Married



    The wedding dress with a matching bag has already been arranged. With that, the preparation for the ‘wedding’ of Kaley and James is in full swing. James’ great-grandmother makes a veil. She still has some time, because Monday 19 July was the big day.

    Then James and Kaley get married, at their primary school De Welle in Kruiningen. Children’s mayor Boaz of the municipality of Reimerswaal connects the two as wedding officials in real life.

    Kaley and James have been close friends since kindergarten. That’s been almost three years now. They sometimes have – of course – arguments, but that never lasts long.

    From the moment they met, there was a click between the two now five-year-olds. “They immediately started playing together,” say their mothers Marian and Manouk. Now they are in group two of primary school and, if possible, next to each other. “I think Kaley is very sweet,” says James. This gives him a radiant look at his ‘upcoming’. They also like to be together outside of school hours. Then they play with each other and do everything from romping outside to the computer game Minecraft (while playing on different Minecraft servers). They also do judo together. Kaley recently said one day, ‘come on, we’re getting married’, she says. “People do that when they love each other very much,” the girl explains. “Then we can give each other a kiss,” she grins.


    Because James is going to another school after the summer holidays, the school team of De Welle helps to hold a festive wedding in the schoolyard as a farewell. The municipality of Reimerswaal also cooperates. Next week, children’s mayor Boaz will chat with the couple to be able to give a beautiful speech about them during the wedding ceremony as a wedding official. “That was arranged quickly, they think it’s a very nice plan at the municipality,” says Marian, Kaley’s mother. “They even arrange a wedding act.”

    Due to the corona measures, not many guests can be present at the ceremony, but otherwise, there will be unpacking for the bridal couple in all kinds of ways. For example, the mothers organize a party for the brand new couple. “‘If I’m going to get married, I’d like a party,’ James said, so we’ll arrange that,” explains Manouk, the groom’s mother. Kaley is already looking forward to swinging her self-chosen wedding dress. “Instead of rings, they both get a bracelet with their names on it,” says Marian.


    James and Kaley find it very unfortunate that they will no longer be together in class. “They are sad about that,” Marian and Manouk say. “Fortunately, they are still in judo together, so at least they can continue to see each other there.”

    The mothers do their best to ensure that Kaley and James can still play together often because they have such a special bond. “When they walk into the classroom at school and go to the window to wave us goodbye, they always walk up to each other first to say ‘hi, I’m here’,” Marian gives an example. “James is really attached to Kaley,” Manouk explains. “He also plays with other children, but Kaley has to be around. Then it’s good. Kaley is really his support.”


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