Weddings Are Just So Complicated!

Weddings are like riddles. Just like those you find at riddlesdb. They can be so complicated and yet they can be so easy. Personally, I chose the less stressful route. I want it to be so easy and less complicated. After all, it’s a union of two people in love, not a show that offers free drinks and food. 

Wedding in Jeans!

I personally had my wedding very simple. No church wedding as it was (at that time) too complicated between our families (it was like Romeo and Juliet). So our wedding ended up very simple. Our wedding was preceded by a judge. No wedding gowns too. I was just in plain white blouse and jeans (yes, I was in jeans). My husband now just wore something very simple, a brown polo and acid-washed jeans. 

My witnesses at that time were a few people who are willing to stand as a witness. There was just my brother, my cousins, and some friends. After we exchanged vows and listening to judge trying to make sure if we are truly and genuinely in-love and ready to take on a new chapter of our lives, we all headed to a local restaurant. No reservations, just on-the-spot customers who were hungry and ready to devour whatever there is we can order. 

The whole event ended as fast as it started. We all went home and went to sleep just like any other day we did. The following morning, we both realized we are finally married. It was simple but so real. To this day, I am still married to the same person I married 15 years ago. Despite the fact that we had a very simple wedding – it was still a wedding. Not lavish, but a wedding we both remember to this day. 

Bottom line

Weddings do not have to be extravagant. It could be as simple as it is so long as the objective had been met. So for those brides to be stressing out on how perfect their wedding should be, just remember not to beat the purpose of your celebration. Regardless of how you want to spend your wedding, it’s your wedding after all and no one else’s. So follow what’s in your heart and just let everything be something you will remember for the rest of your lives. 

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