Wedding tips – for unique celebration

If you want your wedding to be the most beautiful day in your life then these tips will be helpful. These tips can make your wedding party even more unusual, unique and beautiful.


Wedding celebration tips


Set a wedding date

Choose a date for your wedding that has a special meaning for you as a couple, for example the anniversary of your meeting.


Invite the wedding party early

To make sure that all your loved ones will be there on your big day, use save-the-date cards as early as possible, with which you ask your guests to keep this date free.

Wedding location with personal meaning

If possible, choose a wedding location that is meaningful to you, for example the church where your parents got married for the wedding ceremony, or the restaurant on your first date for the celebration.


Individual wedding color motto

Show your colors! Agree on your favorite colors and arrange a harmonious color palette for all printed matter, flower arrangements and decorations.


Personal signs and symbols

Choose a pattern or a symbol for your partnership that you use to decorate your celebration and use it for the design of your printed matter.


Wedding monogram for wedding decoration

Celebrate your new, common initials or have your own wedding monogram designed and use it for all decorations.  Check if there is stamp duty you need to tackle.


Romantic background for the guests

Complete your invitation with a card on which you tell how you met. Here you can tell your guests other important facts about yourself. This is especially nice for guests who do not yet know the wedding couple very well.


Handwritten invitation

If you want to celebrate a small, intimate wedding, handwrite your invitations.


Personal message

Have a satin ribbon printed with your name or a personal message for your guests and use it for your printed matter.

Other aspects to look into

  • DJ music request
  • Opening dance alternatives
  • Involve family and friends
  • Small tasks for the guests
  • Personalize your wedding ceremony
  • Personalized ring pillow
  • Lighting wedding location

Your wedding doesn’t have to be perfect and something might probably go wrong but look forward to the day as a whole and free yourself from the pressure that everything has to be 100% perfect.