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    Wedding Plans – Is a Social Media-Worthy Wedding Really Necessary?

    Despite the impact of social media on how weddings are planned, it has not had much influence on views about marriage. In the U.S.alone, reports from the Bureau of Statistics show that marriage among U.S. couples went on a decline since the 90s. Through the years thereafter, the figures did not improve much.

    Although recent statistics indicate that half of the American population aged 18 and older got married in 2017, the number of weddings that took place during the year, represented only an eight percent (8%) increase since the 1990 decline. Those statistics suggest that the other half of the American population already in their marrying age, either preferred to stay single or live with partners without the benefit of marriage.

    Social media influence has no impact either, on decisions about divorce among married American couples. The U.S. Bureau of Statistics reported that the rates of divorce in America continue to increase. According to the bureau, divorce among married American adults aged 50 and older have increased. The most notable is the 2015 figure, which shows that for every 1,000 marriages, 10 ended in divorce. A proportion that doubled the divorce rate reported in 1990.

    This only goes to show that social media responses to shared wedding videos can have very little impact on the life of married couples after the wedding buzz has died down. Not unless they are lifestyle-influencers to which investing well on a wedding is part of a lucrative profession.

    How a Lifestyle Influencer Can Benefit from Their Wedding Video

    Looking to join the social media marketing business as a lifestyle influencer? Understand that a wedding video works best as part of a series of videos you intend to create and publish in a social media platform like YouTube. The video does not necessarily have to be your own wedding documentation, but a compilation or collection of weddings that many will agree to as the “Most Romantic,” or the “Most Meaningful” or similar other categories.

    Still, if you want your wedding video to continue to draw social media attention, prepare to follow it up with additional videos on how your life changed after the wedding. In fact if you also have a video of your love affair’s wedding proposal and engagement announcement, they could also fit in as a prelude to your wedding and marriage videography.

    YouTube has nearly 2 billion users; uploading as many as 500 videos per minute. Your wedding video therefore has to compete with billions if you want it to appear at the top of the search page results.

    What we are trying to say is that when planning a wedding, avoid going overboard with the costs, just because you aim to make it a sensational YouTube wedding video.

    Some wedding videos like that of YouTube Superstar PewdePie a.k.a. Felix Kjellberg, is one that received millions of likes and shares. That is because PewdePie is already a high ranking YouTuber. That being the case, it is likely that some sponsor helped in making Felix and his bride Marzia’s wedding a huge social media crowd drawer. Yes, they planned it with social media in mind because the event presented a great business advertising tool.

    So if you are one of the many who aspire to be another YouTube sensation, there is more to how social media works for wedding videos, aside from wedding hashtags and sharing Instagram photos in every social media site. Obviously, the Internet Influencer competition is stiff, which is why you will also need assistance from social media marketers like SMM World.