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Getting Married Is Such A Blast

Why is getting married so much fun? Let me first say that you are not always in charge of whether you get married. You must first have found the ‘one’ for it and be asked by this man/woman in question, or you propose to your partner, that is also an option. Of course, getting married also requires money. Unless you’re getting married on Monday morning, then it’s a bit more budget-friendly. If you do have the option to get married, you have been asked or you have asked your partner, and you have a desire to get married together, then this article might be interesting to read. Why did I like getting married so much and what did I think was the great added value? That’s what I’m telling you today, it’s written from the woman’s point of view. By the way, visit techwear.

Marriage proposal: Then I go back a year

The moment your partner proposes to you (or your partner) is already very magical. Whichever way this happens, if your partner manages to surprise you with that one question, it feels very special. And from then on, the organization of the wedding day can start, very nice! (I want one more time haha)

Husband and wife

Seal the love of your life with marriage and then go through life as husband and wife. I think it’s very special, a kind of icing on the cake on your relationship. It gets more serious, however, and I have the idea that this also allows you to build on each other more. For better or for worse, because you have spoken that out for each other. I still beam from ear to ear when I can talk about ‘my man’ somewhere. And when I hear Yannick talking about ‘My wife’, I can’t stop smiling.

Let me not hide it

One of the best things about getting married was that beautiful princess dress. For months beforehand I had been hunting for the wedding dress with my mother and witness. In fact, I’ve dreamed about it all my life. It was really a girl’s dream come true to be able to walk so beautifully in that dress all day long. That felt magical and every time I see the dress again, or secretly put it on again, I feel it all over again.

Seeing each other in wedding attire for the first time

I thought it was an exciting moment when I first saw Yannick in his beautiful wedding suit (Men in suits, I love it!). Really butterflies in my stomach. I also thought it was great to finally be able to show Yannick my wedding dress. I’ve been looking forward to this moment for months.

Celebrate your love with all your dear loved ones

How rich I felt when I saw all our dearest friends and family sitting at the table during dinner. And to celebrate with our relatives, friends, and acquaintances that we are now married. It’s great to see everyone again and enjoy that big day together. During the party to go wild with your friends but also to see your family dance and enjoy.

I once thought too

What a lot of costs for a big day. But those costs are not just about that one day. From the moment I was asked to marry until after the wedding, I enjoyed it. All the preparations, spending hours scouring Pinterest for ideas, shopping all the decorations, making wedding favors, I really liked and enjoyed every aspect of the preparations. Even now I still enjoy that day when I see pictures or think about it again. It has really been worth it to us. (See also, cost of a wedding)

Being taken to the ‘altar’ by my father

We got married in a town hall, but the moment Dad brought me to Yannick was very special to me. Just as my mother was my witness, I also thought that was very special. Then you are very grateful that they can be in your life.

When I look back on it

I realize that I really experienced that one day as a high. You really kind of get lived but I enjoyed that so much. It’s so surreal that the day you’ve been looking forward to for months is finally here. The day flies by but I enjoyed every minute of it. Like a movie, you’re in.

The last name

Personally, I like that I now have the same last name as Lana. Admittedly a double surname, but when we book a trip, we book it under our last name. When I call the GP for Lana, I mention ‘our’ last name. This will feel different for everyone, but for me, it completes the picture. All kinds of formal matters are taken care of immediately now that we are married.