Perfect places to propose marriage

A marriage proposal is something very special – and should therefore be done in a special place. A lot of couples fly halfway around the world to answer all questions, others love the big show and involve many people such as friends and relatives, but for some, a romantic proposal within their own four walls is enough. But what’s the best place to propose? Without a doubt, you can’t say that in general because it largely depends on your character and personal preferences. But these tips might give you a bit of inspiration for your marriage proposal.


Perfect places for a marriage proposal

First things first: The perfect place for a marriage proposal shouldn’t be crowded with too many people. A hidden place that is not tied to other people or opening times is ideal. And you as a couple should have a special connection to the respective place.


  1. Romantic travel destinations

You love to travel, so your marriage proposal should definitely take place in a strange place. But your application should be well planned and having a plan B is also essential – after all, something can always come up while traveling. If you are a man with van liverpool then your next travel destination would be an ideal place for you to propose.


  1. The beach

A marriage proposal on the beach can be just as romantic – you don’t even have to travel far. On the North and Baltic Seas, for example, there are beautiful places and beaches that are perfect for a marriage proposal. Maybe you combine the whole thing with a romantic picnic or a walk under the stars. You can only say YES.

  1. Home

Do you think an engagement at home is boring? No, as it even has some advantages. Especially people who do not like to be the center of attention will be happy about a marriage proposal within their own four walls. You can also be flexible and are not dependent on the weather, for example. In addition, familiar surroundings can be of great help to particularly nervous people. You just got to be creative.