Groom: What Should You Wear On Your Wedding Day?

Congratulations! We are glad you found the right person to share the rest of your life with. Now your big task will be to organize a perfect dream wedding. Usually, brides have a clearer idea of ​​what the day will be and you may not need any help from us, but at least let us help you with the perfect groom clothes for yourself. You both should be the stars and the center of attention on your very special day – your wedding day!

When should I start looking for the groom’s suit?

You may have started shopping for suits soon after you got engaged, but the real hunt for the perfect groom suit hasn’t really begun. Remember to reserve enough time for this task. The groom’s clothes are an important part of your big day, and you will be comfortable and want to wear something you love. We recommend that you actively start looking for the suit for the groom about 4 months before the wedding. That way, you won’t feel pressured to buy something you don’t like just because you have to, and you will also avoid stress if your order is delayed or doesn’t fit.

Should I rent or buy a wedding suit?

if you think you will be able to wear your wedding suit one more time after the wedding, it is worth buying. It’s an investment in something that will stay with you and remind you of the wonderful wedding day every time you wear it. Rental suits are usually about as cheap or slightly cheaper than off the rack or bespoke suits at Hockerty, but only serve you for a day and then you will never see them again.

What should I wear to my wedding?

Definitely, you can’t wear your everyday casual clothes on your wedding day. So even if you just purchased nice new pants from techwear, save that for your daily use. When choosing groom clothes or a wedding suit, you have several options to choose from but the most important of all, just follow the Wedding dress code.

While we’re not sure if you had a say, we’re sure you need to obey them. It always makes sense to have a dress code for the wedding so your guests know what to wear. It will also narrow down your choices and bring more clarity to your final groom outfit.

If your wedding follows a black-tie dress code, choose from the endless groom tuxedo options we explained above. A relaxed dress code varies from a classic navy blue two-piece suit to suit pants with a starched shirt and suspenders. Be sure to discuss your ideas about the groom’s clothes with your bride.

We hope that you have found some inspiration and information about the optimal and classic wardrobe for the groom. Don’t forget that at Hockerty your groom suit will be made to measure so that it fits perfectly and your outfit will be a happy surprise for your bride.