Excelling Women In The Video Gaming Industry

More women are now being recognized in eSports. Some of them got help from Elo boosting but more of the hard work came from their own perseverance and eagerness to win.

Women who excel in the video gaming industry, both in the workplace and in their personal lives, are often seen as being “weird” or “unusual”. This is why women who excel in this industry are often looked down upon by their peers for not acting as women should. Married women who excel in video games experience the same from their partners.

Women Facing Social Pressures

Women are dealing with the new social pressures of excelling in professional life while still fulfilling their roles as wives and mothers. They are being told to work harder and achieve more than their husbands because they deserve it. This suggests that the rising pressure of professional life is causing conflict in married life and that women’s success is changing not only how we view success as individuals but also how we view relationships.

Men are known to have the upper hand in every household but more reports show that women are becoming the breadwinner of the family. Does this have an impact on men? Just as it is in video games where some men do not accept the fact that more women are excelling in the gaming industry, in a household, some husbands also cannot accept the fact that their wives are earning more. It’s been said that as more women become the breadwinners of the family, men have to deal with more co-dependent relationships. Despite this fact, some men still believe that their wives should not earn more than them.

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Riot Games: Giving More Credits To Women Players

In a recent study, it was found that women are not treated equally in the video gaming industry. While more male is dominating eSports, women are not far behind. Another study found that the reason for this disparity was women not being marketed in the same way. While there is still work to be done, the gaming industry is starting to see more women involved in gaming.

For example, in 2013, “League of Legends” was dominated by male players and only four percent of players were female. However, in 2017, 34 percent of players were female. In order to attract more women, Riot Games has put an emphasis on marketing toward women in recent years. They released promotional campaigns such as The Women of “League of Legends” and “Smite” which are about celebrating girls who play the game.

They also used unique marketing strategies like their Twitch experiment to identify how women interact with the game. The experiment featured a live stream of a female League player playing against herself, increasing her chances to win by 63 percent. Riot Games also introduced new female-oriented skins in recent years that incorporate more pink and pastels into the game’s design.