Childhood Friends Kaley and James Get Married



The wedding dress with a matching bag has already been arranged. With that, the preparation for the ‘wedding’ of Kaley and James is in full swing. James’ great-grandmother makes a veil. She still has some time, because Monday 19 July was the big day.

Then James and Kaley get married, at their primary school De Welle in Kruiningen. Children’s mayor Boaz of the municipality of Reimerswaal connects the two as wedding officials in real life.

Kaley and James have been close friends since kindergarten. That’s been almost three years now. They sometimes have – of course – arguments, but that never lasts long.

From the moment they met, there was a click between the two now five-year-olds. “They immediately started playing together,” say their mothers Marian and Manouk. Now they are in group two of primary school and, if possible, next to each other. “I think Kaley is very sweet,” says James. This gives him a radiant look at his ‘upcoming’. They also like to be together outside of school hours. Then they play with each other and do everything from romping outside to the computer game Minecraft (while playing on different Minecraft servers). They also do judo together. Kaley recently said one day, ‘come on, we’re getting married’, she says. “People do that when they love each other very much,” the girl explains. “Then we can give each other a kiss,” she grins.


Because James is going to another school after the summer holidays, the school team of De Welle helps to hold a festive wedding in the schoolyard as a farewell. The municipality of Reimerswaal also cooperates. Next week, children’s mayor Boaz will chat with the couple to be able to give a beautiful speech about them during the wedding ceremony as a wedding official. “That was arranged quickly, they think it’s a very nice plan at the municipality,” says Marian, Kaley’s mother. “They even arrange a wedding act.”

Due to the corona measures, not many guests can be present at the ceremony, but otherwise, there will be unpacking for the bridal couple in all kinds of ways. For example, the mothers organize a party for the brand new couple. “‘If I’m going to get married, I’d like a party,’ James said, so we’ll arrange that,” explains Manouk, the groom’s mother. Kaley is already looking forward to swinging her self-chosen wedding dress. “Instead of rings, they both get a bracelet with their names on it,” says Marian.


James and Kaley find it very unfortunate that they will no longer be together in class. “They are sad about that,” Marian and Manouk say. “Fortunately, they are still in judo together, so at least they can continue to see each other there.”

The mothers do their best to ensure that Kaley and James can still play together often because they have such a special bond. “When they walk into the classroom at school and go to the window to wave us goodbye, they always walk up to each other first to say ‘hi, I’m here’,” Marian gives an example. “James is really attached to Kaley,” Manouk explains. “He also plays with other children, but Kaley has to be around. Then it’s good. Kaley is really his support.”


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