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Mary + Jonathan | Engagements | Arlington, Virginia

Last September, we photographed Sandra & Nick’s wedding. Mary was one of Sandra’s bridesmaids, was also engaged, and had a gorgeous smile that could stop an army in its tracks. Needless to say, when she contacted us about her wedding this October we were thrilled! While they are getting married in Houston, they live in Washington DC, so we took these engagements at Great Falls Park in nearby Virginia so they could have some photos in their neck of the woods. It was beyond gorgeous, and Mary and Jonathan were ready for hiking, so off we went climbing around the rocks and having a blast. Stay tuned for photos from their wedding this coming October.  :)

Sam - This session was just gorgeous! Seriously, Mary and Jonathan are too cute to boot. Love that last shot!

Lauren + Alfie | Wedding

What can we even say about Lauren and Alfie.  These two have some of the warmest hearts, and happiest smiles of anyone we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  From the first meeting, they showed such interest and care for other people (a quality they’ve put to good use as a nurse and a doctor!) and made their family and friends a priority.  Their wedding was personal down to the details, too.  As centerpieces, they incorporated beakers and test tubes, and tables named for specific elements (again, the medical field), seating “their respiratory friends” seated at table O (for Oxygen), and families at the tables of precious metals, and incorporated music that was meaningful, and even a slideshow of those that couldn’t make it from overseas.  There were tears of joy, lots of laughter, music, dancing and delicious food, and it was clear that love was in the air.  What a perfect way to start off the rest of their lives together.  And of course, thanks to Jessica at Houston Couture Events for helping with this fantastic party!  Here’s some favorites of Lauren and Alfie’s lovely wedding day.

kristi wright - Amazing story telling! I love this wedding.

Caroline - Rocking it as always!

Lauren C - you guys are a joy to work with. i am ecstatic that you guys took my invitation to be our photographers. i am beyond happy to see all the photos. they will continue to remind me of one of the happiest days of my life. our lives. sarah and adam, you both are awesome people. thank you for being part of our lives.

d+d - i love philipinos! they know how to party!

Nikki + Jimmy | Engagements

When we first heard from Nikki and Jimmy about their wedding in Houston this year, we were disappointed that we were unavailable.  When they wrote us later with a new date that we were available for, we couldn’t have been more excited.  Since then, our schedules couldn’t have matched more perfectly, allowing us to easily cross paths in Houston and New York City (coincidentally!), and in Bastrop State Park where we spent the day of their engagement session.  Besides meeting lovely people like Nikki and Jimmy, one of the things Adam and I love about this business is the opportunity to shoot in new locations that are different from the everyday sights.  Bastrop State Park was truly magical.  The fresh growth since the Texas fires last year is a green like we’ve never seen, and the patches of sunflowers in the middle of the bare forest was a sight to see.  We can’t thank these two enough for bringing the fun and playfulness, and “yes” attitudes for this shoot, and pictures aside, we look forward to the next time we get to see you two.

kristi wright - Incredible work!

Micah - LOVE love love them all. Number 6 just takes me away!

Shelby G. S. - These are all stunning especially the last one. I love the sense of space I get when I view your photos.

fer juaristi - beautiful set my friends.

aga - I’m in awe of this set!

Thao - Love love love!!!!!

d+d - definitely one of my favourite session of yours!!

Kristen + Kevin | Austin Wedding

From our first skype date with Kristen and Kevin (and their adorable pooch) we knew we were going to love them.  Having lived in Austin, they introduced us to the delicious Pacha coffee house and shared in the memories of past Austin City Limits festivals, and sparking our interest in the talented Delta Spirit (among other fantastic bands on the rise).  But all that aside, what we noticed first and foremost about these two is how unbelievably perfect they are for each other.  I don’t think we could imagine a more perfect fit, with Kristen’s energy and excitement for life and Kevin’s “yes” attitude and permanent smile.  Seeing them together, dancing their funk-loving hearts out, I literally felt more at peace with life knowing that these two had found each other.  So high-five to the big guy upstairs for bringing Kristen and Kevin together, and a second one for providing us the privilege of shooting their wedding.  :)  So here they are…Kristen and Kevin!

Ben S. - Beautiful as always. nicely done you two!

Micah - Whatever you were doing. KEEP doing it! They look incredible!

aga - beautifully captured. Top notch photography you guys!

Micah - Have I told you lately that I love you? Have I said there’s no one else above you?

Mike - Great work guys, awesome shots

Thao - You guys are did it again… the wedding looked incredible through your lens!!!!! Love you two!

d+d - love these!! great wedding!