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The warm fuzzies that Adam and I feel when we even simply see or say their names are overwhelming, and the tears that ran down my cheeks just looking at the photos from their wedding were full of admiration and appreciation for their kind, caring, and genuine sweet selves.  All I could think during their wedding was that these two are the “salt of the earth”, the kind of people who light up people’s lives and leave lasting impressions.  It’s people like Sister and David that remind us of the important things in life- friends, family and faith- and inspire us all to make each second count towards something greater.  So, while these photos are some of our all time favorites, we hope that you see more than a composition and pretty light, because the people in them are worth taking note of.  :)

  • Sam - OMG! This wedding is pure #gangnamstyle! So cool that it is in an airport hanger :-). LOVE THIS!

  • lauren casile - you are a poet. you sculpt not just light and shadows but words and prose. :) thank you for sharing. i love you guys.

  • Kristi Wright - Beautiful as always but my favorite it the shot of the groom by himself – 3rd photo down. Love the moment!

Every now and then, holidays or other special dates (9-10-11 or 11-11-11, for example) fall on weekends and it always catches us off guard.  When Joe first wrote us from Chicago about photographing their Cinco de Mayo wedding at Wild Onion Ranch in Austin, we thought “Oh FUN! I’ll bet they’ll have tequila and stuff!”  Little did we know that their date would be one of the most requested dates we’ve ever had, and we were so thrilled that Joe and Denise had contacted us when they did, because there is nowhere else we would have rather been than at their party of a wedding.  Here’s some favorites from Joe and Nisey’s outdoor wedding in Austin, Texas.  Maybe have a ‘rita while you look you know… to add to the experience.;)

  • micah - Love love love those last three frames! Great stuff you two!

  • Caroline + Ben - Baller.

  • Sam - Whoa duder and dudette, this post is so freaking adorable! I LOVE the first shot with the flowers, it is so freaking lovely. It’s like you got a kitten, a puppy, a baby panda, and a baby kangaroo, combined them all into one amazing blog post and we got this. Fantastic work!

Almost 4 years ago, this lovely lady made me look beautiful for my own wedding day.  To start that day off with such a positive energy (and fantastic hair!) could have been one of the best decisions I made for that day, and for the years to come. I knew then that we’d be fast friends, and over the past few years we’ve come to love and appreciate this fine lady as one of our very favorite people.  We’ve been talking for a while about taking some photos of her, so when another photographer/videographer friend expressed interest in going on a photo walk to share secrets, we thought Emily would be the perfect subject.  And she was.

To meet Emily and her talented scissors, fan her on facebook!  Head to Lucy Skyrocket’s facebook page and tell your friends, because she’s awesome.

  • Elissa - Gorrrrgeous. She is stunning and the photos are spectacular.

  • martins kikulis - Some truly great photos here!

Last September, we photographed Sandra & Nick’s wedding. Mary was one of Sandra’s bridesmaids, was also engaged, and had a gorgeous smile that could stop an army in its tracks. Needless to say, when she contacted us about her wedding this October we were thrilled! While they are getting married in Houston, they live in Washington DC, so we took these engagements at Great Falls Park in nearby Virginia so they could have some photos in their neck of the woods. It was beyond gorgeous, and Mary and Jonathan were ready for hiking, so off we went climbing around the rocks and having a blast. Stay tuned for photos from their wedding this coming October.  :)

  • Sam - This session was just gorgeous! Seriously, Mary and Jonathan are too cute to boot. Love that last shot!