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You know that spirited, lighthearted feeling that happens when it’s just gorgeous outside or when you complete your to-do list early, or when you just wake up on the right side of the bed?  Well, I’m pretty sure Emily and Dan have that feeling all the time… or at least from our perspective they did.  So full of joy and smiles, these two were TONS of fun and we’re excited to share their engagement session with you.  :)

So, meet Emily and Daniel, and then run off to your nearest playground and head straight to the swingset… you know you want to.

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  • Francis Joseph - Dang, what a beautiful set. Emily and Daniel are two very lucky clients.

  • Sam Le - Amazing work guys! I love it! Can’t wait till you guys photograph my wedding 😉

  • Colin - Ooh la la!! Muy muy!

  • Ben Godkin - Amazing! The colors POP right off my screen! Perfect compositions!

  • Ben Sassani - I need to learn the Jedi ways from you guys! Love it!

  • Thao - Love the colors and the light!!!!! Love 6 and 8. You guys are the best!

  • Nessa K - Mmmm. I love that first photo so much. You guys must have such a blast at your sessions. =)

  • Kate Mefford - Super framing, guys!!! Shazammmm!

  • fer juaristi - Killer set guys!

  • Matt Johnson - Every time I stop by your blog I’m so impressed!

When you meet people as kind and giving as Adelina and Rodger, you just want to give something back.  We feel SO honored to be the photographers at their wedding in April and are happy happy happy to be able to give them photos that show their adorable and loving selves during this time in their lives.  Since they are in Dallas, we weren’t able to meet them until their engagement session, but through phone calls and emails we felt like we’d known her forever.  Adelina greeted us with huge hugs and CUPCAKES, and we followed them and their chickens (yes! chickens!!!) to Rodger’s farm that they so generously offered for our shoot location.  It was THE most perfect location for them, too.  They appreciate the simple things in life, and that is just one reason why we appreciate them.  Meet Adelina and Rodger…

  • Kat Bevel - !! The last one and third to last one of her peeking over his shoulder is soo SOO Good! Awesome work!

  • Megan - AHHH! YOU GUYS! This shoot is brilliant! First I love the wide shot with the rays of sunlight breaking through! Then also the following shot laying in the grass. Such an interesting composition! Great work you two!

  • Lottie Fowler - Awww you made my day with these beautiful images. Can’t wait for you to photograph my work. :) Love me some Adelina & Rodger.

  • Kristi Wright - OMG. I’m so impressed. I LOVE the shot of their faces peaking over the grass. What a fantastic location.

  • Amanda Kirkwood - oh. my. gosh. every single image is breath taking!

  • amy - Pure magic!

  • Adelina - Thank you Sarah and Adam – THANK YOU!!!

    You have a gift for making Rodger & I felt extremely comfortable, as well as enjoying the photo session naturally. We were never the type of people that work well in front of the camera, and you changed that!
    Your artistic talent speaks greatly through your finished works!

    I’m blessed! Thanks again!

  • Thao - I love 5, 6 and 9!!!!! really I love them all! You know I love your work.. just love the fall feeling of this one.. just so pretty!

  • Leah Muse - Man, these are good. Like, really really good. So many awesome moments!

  • davina + daniel - gorgeous tones! first & last are especially beautiful!

  • amy - I ADORE this session…love the chicken eye, but my absolute fav is the sleeping in the hay…LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE…so inspired!

Dallas Wedding by InTandem

Elle and Andrew are definitely two people whose paths have been aimed to cross long before they met.  Surely. They are just too perfect (in general, and) for each other, and are those kinds of people that make you want to live your life more fully, love more unconditionally, and take each moment for the gift that it is.  We could not have been more grateful that they kicked off our weddings for 2011!  Grateful too, for their perfect combination of ease and excitement throughout the whole wedding day.  All day – smiling, laughing, loving, dancing and just being happy to celebrate with family and their closest friends.  They were married at Park Cities Presbyterian in Dallas and continued the party at the Filter House at White Rock Lake- their “green haven in a concrete jungle” -that gave them a nature escape from the big city and a place that played an important part in their relationship.  And the setting couldn’t have been a more fitting place to celebrate what really matters.  …after all, knowing what really matters is something these two are experts in.

Austin Wedding by InTandemAustin Wedding by InTandemAustin Wedding by InTandemAustin Wedding by InTandemAustin Wedding by InTandemAustin Wedding by InTandemAustin Wedding by InTandem

  • Caroline Anne - so good. looove the cake shot.

  • Jeremy - Awesome guys! Every one of ’em.

  • Victoria - awesome pics as usual:)

  • Francis Joseph - WOW! You guys are really raising the bar high! Love this series so, so much….every single shot is visually appealing. <3 the second to last shot most :)

  • Nessa K - Absolutely phenomenal work, you guys!

  • Sam Le - Can you guys please stop killing it, you are too awesome. I really love the kiss shot.

  • Megan - Guys! The angles of your shots at this wedding at killer! Love the ways you used the bride’s veil!

  • nathan - The range! The range! So amazing. I love every one.

  • Chris Aram - Love your variety in compositions – they really bring out the emotion in each shot! Just wanted to drop you a kudos for a job very well done! 😀

  • Ben Sassani - You guys absolutely rock! great set.

  • Thao - you already know how i feel about you guys… but what i love the most about your pictures is the emotions!!!!! I can just feel the emotions!

  • Whitney Lee - getting in the car, so romantic and composition is great!

This one’s a little different.  You’ll probably notice that these pictures don’t look quite like the rest of the stuff we post here, but we mention all the time that we try our hardest to reflect the people we meet in their photos, and Hayden and Sean were all about fun, laughter and just being goofy with each other.  When we first sat down with them at The Tattered Cover in downtown Denver, they mentioned liking subtle humor, like holding books upside down and that they might want to re-create those baseball cards we all collected as kids.  At that point we knew this engagement session would be a blast and a different kind of challenge for us, which we’re always excited about.  You may remember these two from their save-the-date video they made (inspired by Wes Anderson’s  “Rushmore”) that was blogged and re-blogged by wedding fanatics everywhere, including us and in case you missed it, see our previous post here to catch up on the scoop.

So, here they are! The fantastically fun couple whose quirky sense of humor made this engagement session one-of-a-kind for us.  Hayden & Sean, we’re counting down the days til we see you in April!

  • nadine - Wow.

    You guys, I look at a lot of photography blogs and these pictures are some of the most unique and different I’ve seen. Great work.

  • Francis Joseph - This session is 100% pure awesomeness….very hard to choose a favorite. :)

  • Sam Le - These photos are so full of win, the colors are so freaking beautiful :-).

  • Nessa K - This is most definitely my favorite session of yours I’ve seen so far. Really beautiful photos, guys! =)

  • lindsey baker - Seriously! I just love you guys.

  • Kristi Wright - These are so fun! I love the shot of them licking the snow off the parking meters!

  • Magan Blasig - TOTALLY awesome! Great, fun, exciting session! :)

  • shleby lea - this is sooo freaking awesome I’m gonna die!

  • Ann - OMG!! Too Too cute!! love it!!

  • bryan - first shot rules. nice session guys :)