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Elle | Bridals

From the minute we chatted with Andrew and Elle on the phone, we were excited to meet them both.  After getting to know them at their engagements we were counting down the days until Elle’s bridal shoot and since THEN we have been itching to share them with the world.:) Not even so much the photos, but moreso to share Elle with the world.  I (Sarah, here) don’t even feel like we can take credit for these.  Instead, we can only look up to Elle for being so comfortable in her skin, and so in touch with her dear Mother Earth and her light hearted spirit and be happy that we were able to capture it.

If you’re looking at these right after we posted them, send some love to them because they are getting married RIGHT NOW!  That’s right.  This very moment their ceremony is going on and she and Andrew are tying their perfect little knot of love together in Dallas, and we were SO excited for them, that we set this post to “go live” as they say, at the exact moment of their i-do’s.  So YAY!  Andrew and Elle are getting married!  Enjoy her beautiful bridals and give them a little shout out.  They couldn’t be more perfect.

(Also, Elle was just interviewed by Style Unveiled, so see what she had to say about her wedding here!)

Reggie - These are some of the best bridals I’ve seen from ya’ll….Awesome job!!!!

Erin - nice work, guys! awesome location too :)

nadine - Wow. These are some of your best works so far. I love the third shot with her dancing.

lindsey baker - You two are amazing! these are completely insane! beautiful! gorgeous! stunning! LOVE!

Ben Sassani - Holy WOW! possibly one of the best bridals you guys have done… ever! I absolutely love every single shot!

Milan - These are really romantic pictures:)

Ben Godkin - Gorgeous!

James Dvorscak - Zow! Fabulous work.

Jennifer Nichols - What an AMAZING session!! Beautifully captured.

Nicole at Southern Weddings - These are so beautiful! I’m so in love.

Kat Bevel - So much bliss oozing out of these!! Such a cinematic feel. Like an ad for some kind of fancy perfume! Totally stunning! What an awesome bride!

Thao - oh wow……………………. wow!

JENNIFER ANDERSON - These are beautiful!! It really makes me want to put my dress on and feel that pretty!

charisse - Just breathtakingly amazing!

Eric Kotara - Seriously amazing bridal work guys!!! These compositions are so well chosen. The colors soft yet vivid. Really outstanding!

Adelina - My heart skipped a beat, looking at these gorgeous images (among many others that you had done!)

velvetowlphotography - You two do beautiful work! I found this posting on Facebook under Style Me Pretty. Amazzzing. I love your outlook and the overall feel of these! Glad to have found you guys! :)

Richard from Purplest - WOW! This is GORGEOUS! Love it! Love it!

amy - Breathtakingly beautiful!

Emily+Zach | Engagements

Ahhh Texas.  :)  Unpredictable winters + Houston rain forecasts were not exactly creating the perfect situation for Emily and Zach’s engagements that had been scheduled for a few months already.  Still, Emily and Zach decided to keep it as scheduled, and she even picked up this adorable red umbrella in case of rain!  And how perfect is it!?  They opted for some cityscape photos from Discovery Green in Downtown Houston, where they are now living, and Adam and I were excited for the change of scenery.

We love the simplicity of these photos, paired with the bright red umbrella and are SO excited to share!  Emily, Zach- we hope you love them too and THANKS for sticking tough through the bad weather reports.  SO glad you did.:)

Kate - what troopers for trekking around in the rain! Love her coat too!

Sarah and Adam talents showcased yet again. Love keeping up with your blog and FABULOUS photos!!

Ann - Luv the umbrella touch!! And Discovery Green is always a great place!! Great job guys!!

Victoria - Adam and Sarah love the pictures, good job as always!

Ben Sassani - Awesome!

Nathan - Ok, I GOTTA get a couple this cool! love the color you got even on a dreary day!

Sam Le - Amazing job guys, I love the one with them under the umbrella and you can just see their mouths, amazing!

Milan - I love it!!!!!!!!!

Monica Salazar - Nice work!!!

fer juaristi - WOww, in love with this sessions guys.

2011- Here We Come!!!

2010 was one FANTASTIC year- more than we could have dreamt up if we tried.  We’re happy to share some of our favorites from this past year and say THANK YOU for everyone’s support and comments, and welcome in 2011 with open arms.

It’s going to be an awesome year!  Wooohooooo!

As always, it’s impossible to narrow down our favorites, so click the slideshow below for more!

Leah Muse - You guys rock. Love your combined, creative eye!

Sara Moon - Is that you commenting on my blog again Ms. Sarah??? YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You moved to Austin, huh? Looks like you are ROCKIN’ IT!!!!!!!!!!!

nadine - whoa, there’s so many of these that i love. really really good work!

Brad Castro - OK – didn’t realize this was a compilation right at first. My first thought was, “Wow, what an eclectic photo shoot.”

Some wonderful shots, of course. It must’ve been a fantastic experience putting this post together and reliving all the memories from the past year.

Thanks for sharing.

Jaime - **Um, I feel kind of famous**

Caroline Anne - Woo! Yay for another year of awesomeness!

Adelina - Just now have a chance to re-visit your site! Once again, I’m sooooooo incredibly lucky that you’ll be my wedding photographer – these images are just the first step to prove how awesome you are!

stephanie - just randomly stumbled upon your blog and I’m glad the first post i saw were all your favorites from this year – you guys are so stinkin’ creative! I can honestly say I love all of your pictures! Your blogs going on my google reader =) -stephanie

Monica Salazar - Love all the shots!

Adam Houseman - Incredible work! Looks like 2010 was super for you. Looking forward to 2011! So many amazing captures in there.

Micah - The one with the couple lying down in the shade of the tree trunk (third one down) just made me audibly gasp! And Megan is trying to sleep!


Last month we had the amazing opportunity to work with one of the MOST fantastic photographers in the world. …who shall remain nameless.

HAHA! Just kidding.  Last month Fer Juaristi Rocked our socks off by sharing his incredible talent with us and 15 other photographers. For two days we followed Fer as he shared his techniques, ideas and brilliant mind with all of us. The experience was awesome and we cannot thank him enough for his time, kindness and generosity! THANKS AGAIN!!! Thank you as well to Jenny DeMarco and Mary Sledd for hosting and making this workshop possible.

I would like to also mention some of the photographers we met while we were there:)Sam Le, Hiram Trillo, Cory Ryan, Elizabeth Jayne, and Julian Moniz. If I have forgotten anyone please let me know and I will update this post.  It was so fun getting to know you all and we’re excited to stay in touch:)

Alright!!! On with the pictures! Here is a few of our favorites from the day.

Oh, one last thing! If you are interested in upcoming workshops with Fer check for dates here.

Sam Le - I really love that shot with the lips man, it was so freaking killer! Awesome to meet you guys!

fer juaristi - killer freaking set guys!
P.S Coming to Houston in March, should we shoot your session?

Leah Muse - Bestill my freaking heart! Absolutely love these.

Jenny DeMarco - Love, love! You two rocked it out. Its was so great hanging with you guys.

David Josue - Great results, love your set. congrats!

nadine - These shots are uh-mazing!!!!

Kristi Wright - You guys always kill it.

Eric Kotara - Total win on the out of focus shot; that is killer!!! Well, the whole set is killer, but that one really struck me. Great job guys!

Cory Ryan - I’m so glad to finally meet you guys in person as well! Cheers to an uber fun and creative 2011, and I hope to see more of you both!

Monica Salazar - Loved the lips shot! It was great meeting you as well.