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Last month we had the amazing opportunity to work with one of the MOST fantastic photographers in the world. …who shall remain nameless.

HAHA! Just kidding. Last month Fer Juaristi Rocked our socks off by sharing his incredible talent with us and 15 other photographers. For two days we followed Fer as he shared his techniques, ideas and brilliant mind with all of us. The experience was awesome and we cannot thank him enough for his time, kindness and generosity! THANKS AGAIN!!! Thank you as well to Jenny DeMarco and Mary Sledd for hosting and making this workshop possible.

I would like to also mention some of the photographers we met while we were there :) Sam Le, Hiram Trillo, Cory Ryan, Elizabeth Jayne, and Julian Moniz. If I have forgotten anyone please let me know and I will update this post. It was so fun getting to know you all and we’re excited to stay in touch :)

Alright!!! On with the pictures!

Oh, one last thing! If you are interested in upcoming workshops with Fer check for dates here.

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We heart our clients. :)

Here’s a BRILLIANT and entertaining Save-the-Date by a Denver residing couple getting married here in Austin next year… brilliant isn’t? Judging by their natural talent (neither are filmmakers) and eye for amazing artists (Wes Anderson inspired), we are MORE than honored to be shooting their wedding. Three cheers for thinking outside the box, yes??

ps- They’ve gotten 17000 views on youtube!! Crazy!!

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