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Allison + Zach | Engagements

We had the great pleasure of meeting Allison and Zach over the holidays last year and hearing about their fabulous NYC engagement (the day before she ran the NYC marathon!). We quickly began to love them both, and have been itching to take pictures of them ever since.  They wanted to take some photos near where they live and spotted this fantastic gate to what seemed like an enchanted forest and we quickly agreed.:) We love shooting at the hidden places, where most people drive right by and don’t even notice, so to have a place that has an emotional connection for them was perfect!  Spending the afternoon with Allison and Zach couldn’t have been more fun, and we’re looking even more forward to their wedding.  We are SO excited to introduce these two and share their engagement session!  Keep an eye out for their wedding this November!

  • stephanie rita - i’m so glad i found your blog a few months ago. you take pictures how i love to take pictures. creative angles, negative space & use of surroundings. it shows me that there are A) photogs out there who think differently & more creatively about “making” photographs than most people and B) that there are clients out there who appreciate the art of photography. it gives me hope that someday i’ll be able to start a photo biz of my own! i genuinely love all of your photos!

  • Shay - Love the photo through the leaves! Your creativity is so inspiring!

  • Colin Kelliher - Yeah! Can’t wait to meet these two in Nov. Great pics. That first one through the gate is perfect-o! One of my all time favorites :-)

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