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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Caitlin + Rick | Wedding

We feel truly honored to have been able to be a part of Caitlin and Rick’s wedding.  They’re just those kind of people everyone loves to be around – the kind of people that we hope will rub off on us a bit and make us better people.  And it didn’t just stop at Caitlin…

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Sandra + Justin | Day After

Adam and I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Sandra late last year, and became quick friends!  We have been excitedly awaiting their fantastic wedding day and their day after session in downtown Dallas.  These two could not have been more easy in front of the camera.  Laughing, smiling, just being with each other…

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Ami + Van | Wedding

We knew that Ami and Van’s wedding was going to be unique, with the venue’s giraffes, zebras, camels, etc. trompin’ around, and fun- with the 450 person guest list.  What we didn’t know (but probably should have expected since we’ve gotten to know them) was that it would be so jam packed with emotion, laughter,…

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Christina and Matt | Engagements

Some people have hospitality and kindness just running through their veins, and Christina and Matt are definitely two of those people.  Each time we leave them, I feel like we have some sort of goodies (the yummy kind!) and leave with smiles on our faces.  :)  As foodies and gardeners, they’ve shared with us the…

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