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Hayden + Sean | Wedding

Austin wedding at Palazzo Lavaca

Once upon a time…

No not really.  That was Adam. Jeepers.

Since we first talked with Hayden and Sean, we’ve been SO excited for their wedding this spring!  They are the FIRST to ever get married at Palazzo Lavaca, a crazy cool place (we had to include some “details” just to share the ambiance) and they themselves are some of the “coolest” people we’ve met yet.:) I take that back.  Cool sounds too generic.  They are out of the box thinkers and appreciative of the kind of quirky humor that makes you double-take.   On top of that they’re best friends.  When we hang out with them it feels like we’re hanging out with an old married couple- and I mean that in an amazing “they finish each other’s sentences” and can communicate without words kind of way.  It’s inspiring!  Thinking back to their engagement session in Denver, it was so much FUN and so different from normal lovey dovey stuff, and their wedding was again, in a realm of its own.  Many things made this wedding stand out to us …champagne in cups made from corn and plates made from recycled leaves, their ceremony in a candlelit garage, portraits in an old wooden (and scary!) elevator, and the eccentric decor paired with an easy-going laid back crowd.

Not sure how else to say it, and a picture is worth a thousand words.  The cake picture says it all.

Also! If you would like to see more from this wedding please check out the video here! This was shot by one of our close friends who is beginning his videographer career, and is AMAZINGLY talented. If you are interested in him shooting your wedding please let us know and we can put you in touch:)

  • Sam Le - Oh my gosh…..i did it again, so i’m gone let the beat drop. This might be my all time favorite wedding post, I love the detail of the place. The spirit between is captured so well, I just want to hug the snot out of them. Good show old chaps.

  • Colin Kelliher - Love Love Love. Did I mention LOVE?

  • salami - What a unique and incredibly fun couple! You captured their essence with such creativity and beauty – you both are fantastic!

  • Jaime Kloch - Dammit, this makes me want to do my wedding decorations over again! So awesome – I LOVE that place and I LOVE your photos!

  • jennifer nichols - So jealous!! I’ve been dying to shoot there! You guys totally rocked it!

  • Megan - Wow, guys! Great job with light in such a dark place! I love the dynamic feel that you were able to capture!

  • Micah - Really great work guys! Man! I feel like I was there!

  • Kate Mefford - The hats on the wall!!!!! What an amazing place and the couple seems so sweet and their style…ah. Don’t even get me started. Too cool. Great job!

  • fer juaristi - you really rock this wedding guys.

  • aga - way cool! wonderful set.

  • Olivia Brown - Holy niceness! Oh, and detail shots? killed ’em dead. What an adorable couple, to boot!!

  • Hayden - This was the best. wedding. ever. and I’m not just saying that because I was the bride (although I admit that does make me a bit biased). You two are fantastic (understatement of the century). You captured our big day so well and I can’t thank you enough (even though I’ll spend the next few months trying)!

  • Eric - I have been admiring your work for a while now, in absolute awe of your style! Your work never ceases to amaze me. And I think that this shoot is by far my favorite one!! Well, this and the Jaime and Matt shoot. And…the list could go on and on. Keep up the great work!

  • Eric - By the way, that picture of them standing on the bed in the mirror is PURE GENIUS!! I freaking love it! I can’t wait to show it to my wife who is a photographer. I ant say enough good things about all these pictures.

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