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The painful side of Marriage if your husband is no longer love you – Living with a tricky husband who wants out of this union is like living in hell. Your marriage wasn’t intended to be this way. Unfortunately, it is more common now than previously. Sometimes the more you attempt to take care of a tricky husband the harder he becomes.

You act angry and irritated and he’s twice as mean and spiteful. It is normal for couples to drift apart. What is not normal is the way they drift apart. I really don’t like it when couples divorce. I am the product of divorced parents and all I can say is that I think it’s far better to develop both parents involved in your lifetime.

If your husband has been difficult and he’s said he no longer loves you that may be true or it might be him trying to put space between you. Either way, I know your heart is broken. I hope today is the day your relationship starts to get better. Yes, all it takes is 1 word or action to change your husband’s heart and head towards you and your union. Until that happens, please do not quit.

1 thing I’d recommend when dealing with your husband is to do the unexpected and do what seems unnatural.

  • If you normally make humorous or negative remarks to him refrain from doing this. If you do not have anything nice or positive to say do not say anything in any way.
  • Maybe you’ve continued to appeal to his every desire, despite how he’s treated you. Consider letting him do whatever he wants to have time to think and realize some things.
  • Spend some quality time doing some interesting things without him and be joyous. Your husband should not be taken and the giver of your joy. Your husband is involved in your life but should not control your happiness.

The best technique for dealing with a tricky husband and marital situation would be to say and do the correct things, at the perfect time in the perfect manner. Your words do matter. Your activities, interactions, and reactions can determine what finally happens in your marriage. Until you determine what the origin of your marital problems are you will fight to conquer them.

I am convinced with a little help you’ll be able to turn your marriage around. I hope with all my heart your pain is a little less every day and is replaced with pleasure. You might just learn your marriage isn’t destined for an ugly divorce. If this happens you and I will be rejoicing.