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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Thao + Tim | Engagements

Adam and I couldn’t be more excited to share one of our FAVORITE engagement sessions yet. From the beginning of just talking with Thao, these two seemed like tons of fun and all about the pictures-which of course, we loooove . In one of her first emails to us, she sent a photo of her with all her friends high in the air, jumping their hearts out saying “i’m the one in the back in the…” . Too adorable.

And they were such champs, driving in from Houston, hiking to the top of enchanted rock (not the easiest.. and in a dress!), and even packed us some vietnamese po-boys to snack on. Thao and Tim couldn’t have been more of a joy. With her radiating smile and the soon-to-be-hubby making her laugh constantly, taking photos of them was easy as pie. They were completely themselves, and as comfortable as can be in front of the camera. (Thao is probably one of the only photographers I’ve met who feels completely comfortable on the other side of the lens!) We cant’t even wait until their wedding next spring! So, without further ado… here they are! …Thao and Tim!!

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Proud to Announce…

When Adam and I look back over the past year, we are blown away at the turns our lives have taken. We have been lucky to have such encouraging (and forgiving of our mad busy schedule) friends, supportive families, and the most fantastic clients that make us wonder what took us so long to pursue this as a career. We feel ultimately blessed and so excited for the future that it is difficult to put it into words. SO, we’ll let someone else put a monumental milestone of our business and lives into words for us.

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Jennifer + Kenny | Wedding

I think that in everyone’s dream, their wedding is a big sleepover with a bonfire, pot-luck, quilts for the guests,  ”redneck” games, s’mores, and great music.  The officiant and musicians were great friends of the happy couple and shoes were optional; succulents were on every table, and their cake looked like a tree trunk!!  This…

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Jennifer + Brian | Wedding

We meet a lot of happy couples. That’s part of why we love what we do so much. Still, a lot of time and energy goes into a wedding, and it is rare to meet people who are so relaxed, and so comfortable and excited to be with each other that all that matters about the wedding is that they are going to be married when all is said and done. Jennifer and Brian were so fun to work with, and even more fun to just be around. We both felt like we were there as friends as much as we were there to photograph, and both wanted to hoot and holler at their first kiss (above) as much as the rest of them. :) So- to Jennifer and Brian, I hope your first month of marriage bliss has been just that, and that these pictures help you relive the day.

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