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Monthly Archives: October 2010

We heart our clients. :)

Here’s a BRILLIANT and entertaining Save-the-Date by a Denver residing couple getting married here in Austin next year… brilliant isn’t? Judging by their natural talent (neither are filmmakers) and eye for amazing artists (Wes Anderson inspired), we are MORE than honored to be shooting their wedding. Three cheers for thinking outside the box, yes??

ps- They’ve gotten 17000 views on youtube!! Crazy!!

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Tabitha + Matt | Wedding

There are so many words that come to mind when I think about this wedding, but I think the most appropriate word would be “perfect.” Tabitha and Matt made sure to keep things relaxed and simple, which made for such a smooth, laid back, memorable wedding. From getting ready in the camper to the dog walking around the ceremony, the vintage style building and the candles in mason jars, how could it not be perfect.

Thanks again Tabitha and Matt, this will be a wedding that Sarah and I will never forget.

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Carrie + Bob | Engagements

fter having the pleasure of shooting her sister’s wedding last summer, Carrie gave us a call when Bob proposed earlier this year. Knowing how important photos are to Carrie (reeeally important- she, too, is a photog) Adam and I took this as a HUGE complement and an honor. Since they live near the Domain, and are all about the games – the Domain in north Austin and the fabulous ToyJoy seemed to be perfect spots for these two’s engagement session (which began before dawn, mind you.) They were up for anything and certainly had fun with each other- which makes our job really easy. Here’s our faves from this session. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding next month in Houston- I’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be a fun one.

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Tabitha + Matt | Engagements

All I can say is shooting in little, old, sweet towns, if you will… Is awesome! But shooting young, hip, laid back funky fresh people in little, old sweet towns, is even awesomer! We had so much fun with these two during their engagement session and at their wedding we shot 3 days later. So keep an eye out for that post soon, and for know here is a few of our favorites from their engagements.

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