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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Three years ago I had no idea we would be booking weddings 5 minutes from our house in Austin, traveling 1000 miles to Colorado to shoot the engagement session, and taking all the photos in the town I grew up in. Pretty crazy how things work out sometimes.

When Jamie and Matt mentioned they would like to take pictures in Colorado Sarah and I were ecstatic! We flew in a few days early to see friends and family, and of-course, scout out some great photo locations. After considering several locations, we went with the place that had turning aspens, beautiful colors, amazing scenery and cliffs. Yeah, it was a hard decision…

We knew before we even met Jamie and Matt they were pretty cool, but “holy hamburgers in my pasta” they are some of the most fun, goofy, playful, amazingly cool couples we have ever met! Matt had us in stitches the entire time we were shooting, it felt like we had known these two forever. We can’t wait to shoot their wedding in April.

Oh and I have to mention, we ended up hiking over a mile before heading to another location. Jamie wore heals. Jamie = One tough cookie :)

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Due to the fact that I wrote like a page and a half about these two when we posted their wedding, I figured it would be appropriate to keep this one short :) If you would like to hear more about these two, their wedding and just how awesome they are, click here to see their previous post.

I hope everyone is as excited as we are to finally see some of our favorites from Keyli and Colin’s bride and groom session! Thanks again for tromping around downtown Denver, and getting your dress all dirty! We promised it would be worth it :)

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