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    How Vibrant Cultures Celebrate Their Wedding Day Differently

    Weddings are always a special event irrespective of what country you’re from or the religion you belong to. After you consider the very fact that a lot of traditions are lost to our fast-paced modern lives, it’s all the more remarkable that the majority of wedding rituals still remain intact. Maybe it’s because marriage is all about bringing two people, two families together. or even it’s the sole occasion where whole communities gather to celebrate. regardless of the reason, marriage is seen as an incident where a pair who is on the point of celebrating their love also celebrates their heritage.

    Here’s how some cultures from everywhere the globe celebrate their wedding days:

    Greek Orthodox Weddings
    Greek orthodox wedding rituals begin a pair of days before marriage day. “Krevati” is widely known within the home of the new couple, where guests place money and young children on the couple’s new bed. this can be to bless them with good tidings and fertility.

    On the marriage day itself, the groom enters the church first and waits with the priest for his bride to arrive. The bride enters and makes her thanks to the groom, usually in the course of her father. The couple exchange bouquets before the simplest man are available and provide them their wedding rings. Sometimes crowns also are placed on the couple’s head. After the wedding ceremony is conducted by the priest, the couple will drink vino out of the identical cup to suggest the start of a brand new journey together. because the ceremony ends and therefore the new man and wife is leaving, guests shower them with rice and flowers for happiness and fertility.

    Jewish Weddings
    Jewish weddings are bright affairs, filled with amazing traditions. On the marriage day, the bride and groom are expected to fast from dawn until they’re married. They break the fast together during a tiny low window after the ceremony and before the festivities, called “Yichud.”

    Before the ceremony, when the guests are arriving, the bride may be seen sitting on a throne, while the groom entertains guests separately. the marriage ceremony is performed by a Rabbi. Here the groom will circle the bride seven times symbolizing the person making a house for his wife. After this, the groom places a marriage ring on the bride’s forefinger to bring her under his protection. Once these rituals are out of the way, the wedding contract, or “Ketubah,” is signed. The ceremony ends with the “breaking of the glass” ritual where the groom must break a glass by stomping it together with his foot. this is often followed by partying and feasting.

    Muslim Weddings
    Muslim wedding traditions tend to vary from region to region, except for the foremost part, these are simple affairs where sometimes the bride isn’t even present. the wedding ceremony is named the “Nikah” and is conducted by an Imam. During Nikah, a wedding contract is signed by the groom and also the bride (or her representatives) within the presence of witnesses. The Imam will often follow it up with a brief sermon.

    Hindu Weddings
    Hindu weddings are colorful affairs that involve celebrations and rituals starting weeks before the marriage itself. Mehndi ceremonies, Haldi programs, and Sangeet gatherings are all pre-wedding rituals that involve plenty of singing and dancing.

    On the day itself, the groom makes his thanks to the marriage location with an enormous procession of friends and family. Once there, the groom makes his thanks to a cover called the “mandap.” The bride joins him there and also the ritual of “kanyadan” takes place. Kanyadan signifies the gifting away of the bride by her parents. the fogeys wash the feet of the couple with milk. the daddy of the bride places his hands over the couple’s hands, and therefore the mother pours water over them.

    Next up, a thread is wound over the bride and groom’s hands multiple times binding them together, to indicate their unbreakable bond. they’re then seated ahead of a hearth, and a priest, or “pundit,” chants mantras. The couple circles the hearth fourfold, chanting religious verses as they are doing. the marriage is solemnized by both the bride and groom taking seven holy vows.

    This is just a snapshot of how one or two of various cultures celebrate their wedding days. From being crowned to breaking glasses, feasting and drinking to chanting mantras; regardless of the differences in ceremonies and traditions, one common bond unites all of them. A number of these may sound strange to outsiders but the underlying message is that the same. It doesn’t matter if someone may be a Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Jew.


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    How to Know If Gaming Is Ruining Your Marriage

    Gaming. It is a sensitive topic, and unfortunately, something that contains a negative impact on far too many marriages.

    Married Couple Playing Video Game


    If it takes precedence over your spouse or other responsibilities, it’d be time to re-evaluate the role gaming plays in your life, but of course, gaming on its own won’t necessarily ruin your marriage.

    If we’re being blunt, this text is about growing up. About maturing. About learning to measure a meaningful life outside of a game. About taking responsibility for your life.

    That being said, we’re not gaming haters. We’re not suggesting that you simply get obviate your Xbox, PlayStation, or whatever else. In your efforts to nurture your marriage, we simply want to encourage you. As the opposite spouse spends inordinate amounts of your time glued to a game, we’ve heard far too many stories of 1 spouse (usually it is the wife) feeling neglected and hurt.

    Gaming might not be hurting your marriage the least bit. Maybe it isn’t a distraction you or your spouse face. Or, maybe there are some games, like Forza Horizon 5 (especially the one you can download from modengine), you enjoy playing together. If that is the case, great. However, if you have got felt distant from your spouse, or are constantly getting nagged about your gaming habit by your better half, it’s probably time to hit the pause button and give some thought to the impact gaming could be having on your marriage.

    Here are three inquiries to facilitate your evaluation of whether gaming has a negative influence on your marriage.

    1) Is gaming distorting your sense of reality?

    When you spend 1/2 your day in a very game, you run the danger of getting trapped in a very computer game – one that may quickly escalate to the purpose where it’s going to want your actual reality. You’ll begin to eat, drink, and sleep within the confines of a specific game. Your thoughts could also be consumed by your game, and your every desire is also to spend time on your game.

    But it isn’t reality. It is a game. And while your computer game pretends to exist, the actual reality is passing you by.

    Life is simply too short to spend inordinate amounts of your time before a screen, especially at the expense of ignoring other priorities and responsibilities (like your spouse!). When was the last time you took your spouse by the hand, went for a walk around the block, and enjoyed a stunning sunset? Or when was the last time you had a conversation along with your spouse about something meaningful to them – a conversation where you actually listened with no distractions? Or when was the last time you had an extremely intimate night together?

    It’s time to be a touch more present in your reality – in your marriage, in your family, in your community, in your work, etc. Video games will always be there, but they’ll never yield the satisfaction of succeeding in your actual reality.

    If it’s been a while since you have gotten really connected as husband and wife, then please take a look at our new marriage devotional – a book that will provide you with quality time weekly to attach on a deeper, more meaningful level. This book will offer you the chance to speak about the items that matter most to both of you and can provide you with a secure place to actually evaluate your marriage and feel inspired about the following steps you’ll fancy have the type of marriage you have got always wanted.


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    2) From the love of your life, is gaming distancing you?

    Gaming can get a bit out-of-hand and distance you from your spouse, as with anything that may become all-consuming. It’s sad to mention, but we have seen how gamers can essentially become “married” to their games, rather than to their spouse.

    An obsession with a game has even led some people to completely disconnect from their spouse et al. Care about them. In extreme cases, gamers are also so engrossed that they lose their job, quit school, rarely step outside their rooms, and find themselves sacrificing things that actually matter. All for a game.

    So, how does one know if your gaming “hobby” or “down-time” has gone too far? Consider these questions: does one zone out during family time? Does one rarely find from your game while someone is talking to you? Does one stay awake late in the dead of night to continue playing? Taking a back seat is your work or other responsibilities? Does one completely ignore your spouse and his or her needs, together with what’s happening in their life?

    If you begin to note a number of these symptoms, then simply recognize them for what it’s and do not let yourself get caught during a trap. If your husband or wife is within the other room feeling lonely, then take that as a come-to-life call. Go give him or her some attention, just set the controller down. Give them the identical devotion, interest, commitment, and excitement as you give to your games.

    3) Is gaming changing the way you’re thinking that about and treat your spouse?

    The third question to contemplate in determining whether or not gaming is also negatively influencing your marriage needs to do with the categories of games you play, and also the influence they need on you.

    in all shapes and sizes, games nowadays are available. There are such a lot of genres and kinds of games. Some are totally harmless, while others will be extremely violent and sensual. The constant exposure to violence, sexuality and harsh language has an influence on you, whether or not you do not recognize it without delay.


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    Groom: What Should You Wear On Your Wedding Day?

    Congratulations! We are glad you found the right person to share the rest of your life with. Now your big task will be to organize a perfect dream wedding. Usually, brides have a clearer idea of ​​what the day will be and you may not need any help from us, but at least let us help you with the perfect groom clothes for yourself. You both should be the stars and the center of attention on your very special day – your wedding day!

    When should I start looking for the groom’s suit?

    You may have started shopping for suits soon after you got engaged, but the real hunt for the perfect groom suit hasn’t really begun. Remember to reserve enough time for this task. The groom’s clothes are an important part of your big day, and you will be comfortable and want to wear something you love. We recommend that you actively start looking for the suit for the groom about 4 months before the wedding. That way, you won’t feel pressured to buy something you don’t like just because you have to, and you will also avoid stress if your order is delayed or doesn’t fit.

    Should I rent or buy a wedding suit?

    if you think you will be able to wear your wedding suit one more time after the wedding, it is worth buying. It’s an investment in something that will stay with you and remind you of the wonderful wedding day every time you wear it. Rental suits are usually about as cheap or slightly cheaper than off the rack or bespoke suits at Hockerty, but only serve you for a day and then you will never see them again.

    What should I wear to my wedding?

    Definitely, you can’t wear your everyday casual clothes on your wedding day. So even if you just purchased nice new pants from techwear, save that for your daily use. When choosing groom clothes or a wedding suit, you have several options to choose from but the most important of all, just follow the Wedding dress code.

    While we’re not sure if you had a say, we’re sure you need to obey them. It always makes sense to have a dress code for the wedding so your guests know what to wear. It will also narrow down your choices and bring more clarity to your final groom outfit.

    If your wedding follows a black-tie dress code, choose from the endless groom tuxedo options we explained above. A relaxed dress code varies from a classic navy blue two-piece suit to suit pants with a starched shirt and suspenders. Be sure to discuss your ideas about the groom’s clothes with your bride.

    We hope that you have found some inspiration and information about the optimal and classic wardrobe for the groom. Don’t forget that at Hockerty your groom suit will be made to measure so that it fits perfectly and your outfit will be a happy surprise for your bride.