Why Couples aren’t Bothered Paying High Price for Perfect Wedding Photos?

Whether you believe it or not, Instagram changed how we look life. Some have gone too far in identifying personality traits using filters with some of the most popular are X-Pro II and Hefe. It doesn’t matter what your preferred choice for filters, one thing’s for sure, we are all doing it for having that Instagram-worthy photos.

This platform is so popular to the point that some users, especially businesses consider to buy automatic Instagram likes to boost their followers. From styling your photos to choosing some details for the wedding, it is all about creating and uploading Instagram wedding photos. The only question left is, how would you take those stunning images that are truly worth remembering and can effortlessly generate hundreds or thousands of likes?

It All Begins with the Details

First and foremost, you have to start with the details. As much as possible, make it personal; add touches that really makes you as a couple. Do you two love wines? Then serve your favorite wines. Let go of conventional greenery wall and instead, add wall of vines as well as unique wine cork place holders for a complete one-of-a-kind look.

Then after, make it candid. Posed photos are a thing of the past. Now, it is all about snatching live-action moments. Think of the look, the laughter, the special moments that are caught together, the cake cutting and everything in between.

The rule here is, if it is evoking emotion, then it is Instagram-worthy shot. While the posed photos are necessary and you ought to do them, how frequent it is to feel an emotion while looking at such shots.

The Foods!

Ahhh!!! The food of course! Have you ever been in a restaurant and was seated next to someone standing on their chair moving around to be able to get the best lighting to have the perfect Instagrammable photo? We’ve all been there and some are even guilty of doing the same for sure. So consider your guests and give them the best natural lighting in your venue. Brainstorm of ways on how to serve the dish.